To Whole Body Health and Wellness

Health for your body. Healing for your mind. Opportunities for your future.

A Wellness First Approach

At Hoola Life we know and honour that you only get one life and one body to live that life in, and how that body feels and performs directly affects the quality of your journey here on earth.

Supplementing with CBD may be a great way to enhance the benefits of the body's natural endocannabinoid system. With strong evidence that CBD may help with everything from digestion to pain management CBD is growing in popularity and becoming more recognized every day for the possibilities it offers in healing.

Emotional Support Through Supplementation

Mental health issues are often at the forefront of illness, and CBD is gaining attention and support for those seeking alternative treatments.

CBD supplements are becoming popular with millions of people worldwide who want to take back control of their mental and emotional state. Because of the way cannabinoids act upon our brain, there is evidence that it may effect mood and relaxation. We at Hoola Life feel that emotional well being is one of the keys to living fully daily.

Opportunity. Community. Commitment.

When we started dreaming of Hoola Life and the multi-faceted ways it could change lives, the opportunity for financial freedom was one we were passionate about.

By building a culture of collaboration over competition we wanted to help everyone rise to the top of their game. We want to cheer on each other’s successes and work on overcoming any struggles. We believe in empowerment, more family time, dreaming bigger dreams and providing opportunity that reinforces living your best life.


Hoola Life was born in Calgary, Alberta and like any other exciting delivery – naming our new company was not taken lightly.

We wanted our name to have a deeper meaning than just a word or phrase that sounded great. Hoola Life is derived from the Hawaiian word – Ho’ola, meaning “heal”.
All of us come from different paths in our lives, but one thing that unites us is the desire to be at our best, and we are passionate about helping you do that.
In our busy lives full of crazy schedules, we want to adopt a culture where we live intentionally, focus on family and well-being, while finding our true potential within ourselves. I think the cool kids call this #livingyourbestlife