Our Team

Brittany Kolba


Brittany Kolba hails from Calgary, Alberta and deems herself a social media maven who’s passionate about helping others level up and rise. After almost ten years in the oil and gas sector, Brittany took a sharp left turn into an international beauty organization, leading hundreds of women globally, speaking at conferences, sharing trainings with the field and using social media marketing to elevate her brand awareness while creating authentic relationships with both her team and her customers. Top in sales, recruiting and leadership in Canada, and reaching the highest executive rank company wide, Brittany chose to break away and seek more. She thrives in diversity, authenticity and creativity. Brittany is most passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to find their calling and do scary things to reach their dreams.

Edward Ross


Edward Ross is a lifelong entrepreneur and an eternal optimist by nature. A professional photographer by trade, he enjoys seeing the world through his lens and has celebrated many people and events around the world. He is a natural storyteller and believes that everyone has a story worth telling. One of Edward’s great passions and missions is to create positive change daily, and he truly believes that everything is possible.

Hoola Life was brought forward out of a sincere desire to inspire healthy living, motivation and opportunity for others. He is dedicated to lifelong learning and wants to find as many ways as possible to make the world a better place along the way.